Shirts that Work for Public Works

Government Bodies, Take the Headache Out of Your Uniform Search

There’s work to be done; on the streets, one the sidewalks, in the sewers, on the lines. The men and women of local public works departments take care of so many of these vital projects for our communities. One quandary that elected bodies who administrate the public works run into on a regular basis is what to do about uniforms. Polo shirts? Rugged t-shirts for work in the field? You need a solution that is functional, professional, and economical. If only there were a local company to help them out…

Winning Streak is proud to serve the St. Louis area with quality, affordable screen printing and embroidery. Local municipalities can rely on our decade of experience and our professional staff to give them uniforms that fit their needs. Give us a call today at (888) 570-6194 or email today and a member of our team will run you through some options for your uniform dilemma.

While you’re taking care of shirts for your employees, have you considered uniforms for the board who administrates them? City council, board of education, board of trustees, township board, whatever the case, we can help. Custom collared shirts for your board have an official feel to them. If your board members don’t have to worry about what they’re wearing to the meeting, that’s extra mental energy that can be devoted to governing.

If you’d like to see samples of the fine products Winning Streak has available from top brands like Adidas, Russell, Rawlings, and Mizuno, swing by our showroom in Dupo, Illinois.

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