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For many years softball was associated with three things: girls, beer leagues and slow pitch.  Over the last two decades, softball has gone mainstream. The adoption of the game by guys and co-ed leagues lead to raising the competitive bar.  The success, or dominance, of the US Women’s Olympic team gave way to celebrity softball player.  And as we know, celebrity softball players leads to celebrity endorsements.  

In June ESPN payed special attention to the world of softball.  For the first time in years, the College World Series pitted Michigan and Florida against each other to battle it out for the championship.  These teams combined to have softball’s top five players among them: Lauren Haeger, Sierra Lawrence, Sierra Romero, Kelsey Stewart and Haylie Wagner.  In the end, Florida prevailed on a strike out by Haeger.  

But more notable than the exceptional speed and power of the ladies, or the unbelieveable records brought into the tournament was the fanfare.  The fields were surrounded by vendors selling softball visors, team jerseys, custom t-shirts and softball gear.  In addition, fans could participate in batting cages, relay races, pitching contests and softball drills.  The tournament drew the largest recorded crowd; tickets sales start at $50 each and the NCAA website already has information posted for the 2016 tournament.    

While the jump from softball player to television star is rare, it has happened.  Elisabeth Hasselbeck, ex-Survivor contestant and former host of The View, pitched at Brown University.  Jenny Finch was named one of People’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 2004.  Shortly thereafter, she modeled for Sports Illustrated, and endorsed Hardees.  And in the meantime she struck out Albert Pujols, Mike Piazza and Brian Giles in the Pepsi All-Star Softball Game. 

It’s hard to imagine that one of the players from the St. Louis Metro area like the ladies from Fort Zumwalt North softball, playing and practicing in their Badger Camo jerseys could become members of the next Olympic team.  Or to think that a teen girl playing in the Francis Howell Feeder tournament could break the national hitting record.

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You never know when your daughter’s jersey will be sold in team stores at the College World Series.

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