Sports Leagues Can Keep Your Bar Packed All Year

If you’re on the lookout for a way to push bodies through the front door of your bar all year long and you haven’t taken a look at starting recreational leagues of some sort, you’re missing the boat pal. It can be hard finding a way to make that happen, for sure. Not everyone has a softball diamond or a bowling alley laying around. Here are a couple of recreational leagues you can start with limited space that will keep your bar busy.

1. Darts

By far the easiest sort on this list to accommodate, darts is a classic game that has been a pub fixture for ages. Chances are you have at least one dart board somewhere in your bar. They don’t take up a ton of space, and serious dart players and amateurs alike will spend hours practicing and playing with friends. That’s why you need to start a dart league. It’s a regular day of the week you’re guaranteed to have a group of players show up and get nice and thirsty.

2. Beer Pong

Friend, beer pong is no longer confined to the frat house. No, the sport has gone mainstream. Many bars are starting to get in on the action. Do you have a table? Solo cups? A pack of pin pong balls? Congratulations: you’re set. Now, if only you sold beer…

3. Ping Pong

As long as you have the table and ping pong balls, why not start a ping pong league? That’s one more night of the week you can leverage extra business without extra cost in space or materials.

4. Billiards

If you have the space to accommodate a pool table, a billiards league would be perfect. Pool players are very dedicated and passionate about the game, and you’ll be able to get plenty of use out of the table(s) during non-league hours.

5. Beach Volleyball

If you have an area outside that you can squeeze sand and a net onto, beach volleyball is the king of all bar leagues for one simple reason. More so than any other game on this list, it lends itself well to co-ed leagues, which will allow you to broaden your demographics. You have now opened to door for larger, more diverse groups and couples also. Plus, when passers-by see the fun your volleyball players are having, they’ll want a piece of the action.

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