St. Louis Softball Brings the Heat


These Missouri girls have skills, speed, style and heat! The Missouri Heat Girls 16-Under softball team just celebrated a 1st place tournament win in their custom uniforms by Adidas. But before moving, let’s recap the rise of this dominating team.

Softball Skills: Softball is played much like the more well-known baseball, but faster. A softball pitcher stands on a surface that is level to the batter and at a much closer distance than in baseball. The pitcher throws in an underhand motion, that allows her to choose from a variety of pitches from a fastball, changeup and curveball.

Softball Speed: Because the pitcher is standing 35 feet away and the basepath is 5 feet shorter than a baseball diamond; therefore, the ball is coming off the bat much faster. Defensive players have to be ready to slide, run and tag or field and throw the ball before the hitter reaches the base. Speed and agility are crucial; no other team can get anything past these athletic ladies!

Softball Style: Some say the “uniform makes the man;” or in this case the “team uniform makes the woman.” These super-stylish team jerseys and pants from Adidas in a one-of-a-kind design, stand out from the rest! While softball isn’t just for girls, Adidas offers a range of looks ready for embroidery, from sleeveless jerseys to sliding shorts specific to a female fit.

Softball Heat: Winning Streak and Adidas would love to take credit, but the Missouri Heat do fine on their own! We’re proud to be the supplier of uniforms, gear and bats for this winning team. These ladies know how to play under pressure, bring the heat off the mound and give their fans a fever watching them play.

Take after this winning team outfitted by Winning Streak, and get in the game! For all your sporting and team apparel in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, contact the sales department at Winning Streak. We want to be your team store!

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