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Sometimes being a fan is harder than being a player, a coach or relative to either. Sometimes.  Fans give of themselves, unreasonably, to the highs and lows of the game.  Fans give time, money and mostly, admiration.

The declaration that being a fan is “harder” comes from the full circle evolution of “fandom” that you only experience over a decade of watching sports; of being dedicated to the team as favorite players go through injuries and trades; and of being ready to part with your rent money at the prospect of playoff tickets.

In the beginning . . . fans are innocents.  The first moments of fandom are precious and can happen in different ways.  Often times, kids are influenced by their parents or older sibling dedication to a particular team or player. They may have even come home from the hospital adorned in a team jersey.

In the middle . . . fans are formed. Boys are girls are old enough to read the schedules and beg their parents to take them to a game.  They emulate their favorite player wearing pre-game team warm-ups with the mascot embroidered on the leg.  They can paint their faces in team colors and still have the throat power to scream all night!

In the end . . . fans are made.  They know more statistical information than an ESPN ticker.  They passionately watch pre-game, game and postgame without a bathroom break.  These fans wait outside the locker room hours after the game to catch a glimpse of their favorite player.  They are more than fans; they are super fans.

Winning Streak’s website is heaven for super fans supporting their local sports communities.  Teachers, coaches, parents and athletic directors come to our website to find the best deals on quality custom apparel, t-shirts and uniforms.  Our sales representatives work with our in-house artists to make sure your team uniforms are professional grade. . . .Because fans need a custom team store.  

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