Team Jerseys Promote Unity for Fans


September 5th, 2015 . . . For many college teams across the country, this is the day coaches and players have been training for since mid-summer; and for some, since high school. It’s a date that has been circled on calendars from Hawaii to Florida and checked with great anticipation. Of course, the first regular season game inaugurates the moment that new college football players get to dress in their team jersey.

Everything becomes real – competing against the opponent, trying to outwit and out will until the scoreboard declares a win. For decades college football squads have been bonding, practicing and preparing for the first regular season game – a moment that may or may not set the tone for the rest of the season. And coaches stress that the name on the front of the jersey is more important than any name or number on the back.

When a team works for a common goal, only then can they recognize that they are greater together than they are apart. Over the years, great college football powerhouses like Penn. State and Notre Dame, chose to omit the players’ embroidered name from the back of the jersey in order to stress unity for the school and organization.

Winning Streak can uphold any tradition – from team uniforms and warm ups to spiritwear and club t-shirts. Our in-house graphic artists have an eye for designs that will last the test of time; they create each logo, name or number like a trophy that might be displayed for future fans to adore. Or at least with the intention of proudly wearing from season to season as you cheer on our favorite teams.

While it may be the first day of college football, it’s not too late to order from the team store Winning Streak has created for all athletes. Our St. Louis Metro sales representatives can help you choose your custom apparel, design and fulfill your order quickly. From Adidas to Rawlings, we carry top brands at affordable prices.

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