Thank You Coach Dad

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Often times, the first, most profound, and most memorable coach of your life is dad. He’s the one who played catch with you in the back year, bought you your first glove, and when you were older, coached your little league team. With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, we decided to dedicate today to coach dad.

This isn’t a baseball-only thing. Dads coach every sport from football to soccer to wrestling and beyond. Even if they don’t coach in an official capacity, dads are still there at home to give their sons and daughters pointers on their game. From your stance mechanics to running routes, you can pick up little things from a dad who has played the game.

Let’s not exclude dads who haven’t played the game. Maybe they aren’t athletes, or maybe they never played your sport of choice, but sometimes the most important things to have as a young athlete are kind words of encouragement and a loud cheerleader in the stands. A high five or a pat on the back can have all the power in the world.

Thank you fathers!

Thank you to all the fathers out there who support their young athletes. We at Winning Streak have the privilege of working with lots of great youth sports teams and organizations in the St. Louis metro area who enrich the lives and skills of young athletes. Thank you for all that you do your kids!

Share your favorite coaching memory of your dad with us.

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