That’s Called a Winning Streak

How can you not love the Major League movies (the first two…Back to the Minors doesn’t count…it never happened)? Bob Uecker’s commentary alone is worthy of its own movie. Back in the day, Major League was just a funny baseball movie to most St. Louis fans. These days, it takes on added significance for us. The tale of a team constructed to lose and an evil owner trying to steal a franchise from the city…it all hits a little close to home now, doesn’t it? The Rams skipping town cut us all deeply. Somewhere in a St. Louis locker room right now someone is probably carving a cutout of Stan Kronke in a bikini with post-it notes. Or at least they should be, because while we may feel the pain of the Major League Cleveland Indians, we should also channel their perseverance.

St. Louis is a great sports town, and it will continue to be a great sports town. The Blues are on the cusp of their first Stanley Cup, and the Cardinals are, well, the Cardinals. All across the metro area youth teams, select leagues, grade schools, high schools and universities are grooming the next wave of major leaguers. With each winning streak of theirs, our great sports tradition adds a new chapter, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

Winning Streak has served the St. Louis metro area for the last decade, and we treasure the privilege of being a part of the local sports heritage. Our custom uniforms and jerseys are high performance gear now, but someday they’ll be displayed in trophy rooms. Someday, your children will show their children the jersey they wore when they played little league. Someday, the athletes of today will see our uniforms in their year book. Tradition is priceless, and we’re happy to be a part of it.

Ready to start your winning streak? If you need a speedster, call Willie Mays Hayes. If you need a Wild Thing, call the penal league. If you need screen printing or embroidery, call us at (888) 570-6194 or email You can also contact your area sales rep for customer service that’s just a bit outside your expectations. If you want to see samples of our options from top brands like Adidas, Rawlings, Russell and Mizuno, you can come visit our showroom at 1580 Decoma Drive in Dupo, Illinois.

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