The Benefits of Swag for Conventions

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Getting guests through the door of your convention may seem like the finish line. It isn’t. It really isn’t. Making sure your guests get the most out of their stay is common sense, both because you want to give your guests bang for their back and because you depend on repeat attendees for annual conventions. The more satisfied your guests are, the more they will recommend your convention to their peers. Plus, as a decent person, you want to make sure your paying customers are getting the best convention you can possibly give them.

Giving your guests value without starts with swag.

Give your guests value and keep the positive word of mouth coming by giving them a respectable gift bag at registration. A key part of any great gift bag is the branded, beautiful custom t-shirt. Slap your convention’s logo, date, and theme on a t-shirt and you not only have a cost-effective gift for your guests, you have just created a conversation piece for your guest and potential guests every time they wear their t-shirt.

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Contact us today to speak with our team about custom t-shirts for your convention. We have high-end brands like adidas available, and our professional staff and 25,000 square foot facility allow us to turn screen print orders around quickly.

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