The “Give and Take” of Corporate Apparel


Corporate apparel is either cool and coveted or obnoxious and on the yard sale table.  Companies in the U.S. spend $1.2 billion on logowear giveaways in the form of sponsorships and giveaways each year.  An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.   Successful results have patrons, like St. Louis metro area Cardinals fans, lining up around the stadium hours before the game, just to grab a pink team jersey for Mother’s Day.

Branding is the practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiate your product or business from others.  In order to successfully see a return on investment for your corporate gifts, follow these simple rules from the Winning Streak Sales Department.

  1. Identify the Receiver:  Client gifts are different from employee gifts that are different from gifts for the general public.  Clients need to feel appreciated with a quality product they can’t find anywhere else.  Employees can benefit from showcasing an item that makes them proud of their workplace.  The general public are practical consumers; they’ll take anything free – even if it requires a name and email.
  2. Match to the Function: Each type of gift should be purposeful to the receiver

Apparel – Custom corporate apparel is great for anyone – when designed correctly.add your business name or email to the back neckline or wrist area of a shirt.  They’re easily visible yet not overbearing.

Personal Items – Many of us need multiple items like toiletry kits, jump drives, flashlights, for different areas of our lives.  Create a travel kit for camping or vacation depending on the need.

Drinkware – Whether it’s a cooler cup, water bottle, or coffee mug – you can never go wrong with drinkware.  Easy to see, easy to use and easy to care for.

Bags –  With a range of variety, a logo embroidered bag can serve many purposes from golfing and travel to school or camp.  A well-designed logo can define your company in the marketplace.

  1. Budget 10% for Apparel:  If you project a $5,000 profit from the promotional gift, then devote $500 to the cost of corporate custom apparel or gifts.  The cost-reward balance will keep you from wasting money on lost leads.

Call one of our experienced sales representatives to help you choose the right corporate apparel for your business.  From screen printing to embroidery, Winning Streak help design for success.

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