The Rain is Gone. Let’s Go Outside!


Well friends, it seems that our long ordeal may finally be over. For now, that is…it looks like more rain is coming late next week. Let’s not overlook the small bless that is this weekend, though, because it looks like it will be sunny and warm until Sunday. With all the gloominess, rain, and unfortunately flooding that the St. Louis area has experienced this past week, we need some sunshine in our lives. Go out, while you can, and enjoy this sunny, temperate weather.

If you are in an area that has experienced flooding, first and foremost, you need to keep yourself safe. Yesterday, we ran down some safety guidelines from FEMA to help you avoid catastrophe in flood conditions. We highly recommend you check that out. Ok, with the gloom out of the way, what is there to do this weekend? It’s still muddy after all.

Why not go for a run, a jog, or even a brisk walk? Cardiovascular exercise is key to any healthy lifestyle, and it is so much easier to motivate yourself to give their legs, lungs, and heart a workout when the sun out. Even better, it isn’t hot, and it isn’t cold outside. This is the weather sweet spot that only happens for a few weeks out of the year. Don’t waste it. There are still plenty of paved trails in your area where you can go for a run/jog/walk.

This is especially true for cross country runners who can’t afford to take time off. Distance running is something that must be done all year to get the most out of the time you have invested. For all-year workouts, you need all-year gear. We have custom hoodies available for colder days, moisture-wicking t-shirts for the hottest, and adidas sneakers for the rest.

Our friends at adidas are on a roll. They have even passed Nike in sales in the United States and China. We are proud adidas vendors. To upgrade your shoes, contact us today.

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Enjoy the sun this weekend!

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