The St. Louis Cardinals Are on a Winning Streak!


ST. LOUIS — After weathering two hours and 29 minutes’ worth of rain delays, the Cardinals ran their winning streak to six by finishing off a three-game sweep of the Cubs with a 4-1 win at Busch Stadium on Sunday night. The Cubs, who fell 11 1/2 games behind the National League Central leaders, have dropped five straight. –

It’s official: The St. Louis Cardinals are the best and most despised team in baseball.  With the All-Star game a few short weeks away, marking the halfway point for most Major League Baseball teams, the Cards secure the best record in baseball.  What makes it even sweeter? That the Cards sealed the deal against the rival Chicago Cubs.

So as you proudly run errands in your St. Louis t-shirt or make your next appearance in the bleachers wearing your Cardinal team jersey, recognize the greatness of our predecessors.  I don’t mean spend hours watching Ken Burns History of Baseball on PBS, but pay attention to the fashions that lead to the iconic image.

In 1876, the burgeoning national team was originally the St. Louis Brown Stockings.  In keeping with the style of the times, the team wore simple white, button-up shirts and matching pants, with St. Louis embroidered across the chest.  Shortly after, a beer baron, bought them as a marketing ploy and quickly sold them to the Robinson brothers.  Frank and Stanley Robinson were already owners of the Cleveland Spiders; they hand-picked their best players to create the St. Louis Perfectos.  The team added red hats and stockings to its current look.  A woman in the stands was overheard by a reporter saying “What a lovely shade of Cardinal” in reference to the new uniforms.  The comment was in an article and the name stuck.  However, it wasn’t until 1926 that we first see the birds on the bat, so commonly displayed today.

Now team stores everywhere incorporate retro styles, glitter letters and even performance technology, to ensure every fan has a custom shirt.
If you look like a winner, you’ll play like one!  Call Winning Streak to help you design your next iconic jersey.

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