The Utter and Complete Beauty of Seven on Seven

Seven on seven football is a beautiful thing. Unlike the pure version of the sport, it doesn’t require an army of players or a mountain of equipment to play a game. It only requires fourteen people and a football. It also doesn’t take the same toll on the body. Seven on seven is traditionally touch or flag football. This is great for the football fan, the out-of-season skills player, or the adult that doesn’t want to give up their favorite spot. For the later, the last time they step onto their high school or college field doesn’t have to be the last time they have a brush with the sport they love.

Just like baseball players and baseball lovers can play softball long into adulthood, so too can groups of football lovers gather for a game of seven on seven. Remember when you played football as a kid, and you felt like the guys on TV? Just like softball, seven on seven allows you to feel that again. If you didn’t play football as a kid, but you love the sport or are just looking for a fun game to keep you in shape, this is the perfect opportunity.

You are not alone. There are many, many others out there looking to get their football fix with a game of seven on seven, enough so that their are leagues and tournaments popping up all around. Chances are, a quick Google search will find a team in your area if you’re looking to join in on the fun.

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