Still Time to Order Custom Haunted House T-Shirts

There's still time to order custom haunted house t-shirts before Halloween.

Today our series of Halloween-inspired posts comes to a close, having discussed affordable group Halloween costumes and custom apparel for paranormal investigators. Why so much Halloween now, in the first week of October? You still have time to place your order rand have it for the later half of Halloween season!

Some haunted houses are a real pain to owners, at least for those who don’t like displaced spirits walking through their walls or being generally creepy. Many people avoid such places in earnest. Then there are those who love to be scared. They love to be scared so much, that every fall “haunted houses” pop up all around, stuffed to the brim with scary props and costumed actors that shock and scare them.

For groups and organizations looking to find a worthy fundraiser during the Halloween season, or for enterprising individuals looking to make some seasonal cash, a haunted house is a great idea. Here are a few steps to securing your haunted house:

1.) Find a space

2.) Find actors

3.) Set up scary scenes

4.) Make sure you comply with local and state regulations

5.) Promote your Haunted House

6.) Buy custom haunted house t-shirts

You’re on your own with 1-5, but for number 6 you certainly are not. When you choose Winning Streak, you get a sales staff that help you along every step of the process, talented in-house graphic artists, and experienced screen printing professionals working out of a state-of-the-art facility. The best part? We turn orders around quickly. It’s scary how fast you can get your custom haunted house t-shirts from Winning Streak.

It’s time to outfit your non-costumed staff with branded t-shirts for your haunted house. You can even give some of your costumed staff shirts also. Who doesn’t love a zombie in a custom tee?

Order your custom haunted house t-shirts today by calling (888) 570-6194 or emailing

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