What Merch Means to Local Indie Bands


For many indie bands out there, it can be hard to get by financially. Non musicians don’t realize the expense that musicians take on to give them great music. Besides instruments (which are themselves expensive to buy and maintain), you have little incidental things like strings, mic stands, cables, bigger ticket items like effects and amps, and depending on where you play, speakers, power amps, mixers, etc. That’s all before taking into account the time and energy musicians put into their craft, practicing, and playing shows, which is in and of itself very valuable.

Most indie musicians that are trying to get noticed playing original music have a particularly hard time making ends meet. Original music usually doesn’t fly in most bars, who typically look for bands who play crowd pleasing covers and genre staples. The trendy venues who house original music typically don’t pay much or anything because of simple supply and demand: there are more than enough bands trying to get noticed that bands looking to make more cash simply don’t have any leverage until they hit a certain notoriety. Even bands that do get paid for those shows only get a cut after selling tickets themselves or after splitting the gate with 3-4 other acts. It’s a tough racket.

Here’s how Winning Streak can help you keep afloat while you build your following.

This is where custom t-shirts come into play. We’ve all seen the merch table at a show, and that’s for good reason. T-Shirts are one revenue stream the band gets to keep to themselves. They’re also great for building up a loyal following as fans can rep your band in public. Do you have a lot of views on your YouTube videos, or fans on social media sites like Twitter? Ask them to buy a shirt and support the band.

If you’re trying to make an album but are strapped for cash, using crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter is becoming an increasingly popular vehicle for raising funds. It’s customary to offer supporters something in return for their pledge, and aside from a copy of the album when it’s complete, which amounts to an advance order, you can offer band t-shirts for generous donors.

With Winning Streak, you can trust our talented in-house graphics division to create a stunning custom t-shirt for your band that will turn heads at the merch table and jive with your band’s image. Have a big show coming up and no t-shirts? No problem. With our blazing fast turnaround, we’ll have your order filled in no time.

Give us a call at (888) 570-6194 or email sales@winning-streak.com today!

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