Winning Streak: A Sustainable Business for Over a Decade


There are over 1,000 manufacturers of clothing in the United States at this time.  Some of the top athletic brands like, Adidas and Rawlings to name a few, bring in approximately $19 billion annually; within the global landscape these types of businesses make hundreds of billions of dollars each year.The variation in revenue can depend on a variety of business models.  Some simple manufacture and sell to retailers.  Other manufacture and sell their goods in team stores like malls, and other brick-and-mortar establishments.  And finally others, manufacture and see their good online. also known as, e-commerce.

Companies that manufacture clothing, distribute to a third party vendor – like Winning Streak. Our companies provides services that customize clothing for a variety of purposes.  We provide schools and club teams with custom team uniforms; we create t-shirts for businesses and organization to use for fundraising purposes or for branding; in addition, we can screen print or embroider for clients that already have their apparel, yet lack the ability to customize.  And we don’t stop at apparel; Winning Streak can add logos and designs to items ranging from plastic cups and flashlights to luggage and tablet covers.

So it begs to question: how does Winning Streak choose which companies they do business with?

With over ten years in the business, we work hard to find companies that carry high quality standards at an affordable price point.  We want to be inspired by companies that set design trends in corporate and athletic apparel.  And we research manufacturers that incorporate sustainability into their business practices.  Sustainability, as we know it, meets the needs of “the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

In terms of the apparel business, this can include creating a work environment that provides competitive wages and advancement opportunities for its employees.  It may also include harvesting goods in an eco-friendly manner without creating environmental pollution.  For example, Adidas prides itself on investing in partners that foster clean and efficient technologies within manufacturing.

We ask that you do your part in understanding  the business practices with the companies with whom you do business.  Because when you do business with Winning Streak, we become your biggest fan!

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