Winning Streak Sales “Teams Up” with Athletic Directors


According to, the preparation and experience to become an athletic director, looks like something like this:

Athletic Director Job Description

Athletic directors direct athletic activities, supervise the coordination of athletic events and manage athletic department budgets at secondary and postsecondary schools. Outside of these requirements, athletic directors may also participate in revenue development planning and fundraising. Additionally, these professionals serve as liaisons with sports conference or division administrators, such as those from the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Athletic directors may also be in charge of hiring and firing coaches. To do so, these professionals assess current and prospective coaches based on team goals, achievements and other parameters.

According to some of Winning Streak’s favorite AD’s, here’s what the description didn’t include:

  • Act as mother, father, doctor and (at times) priest for athletes, coaches, parents and officials
  • Spend days, nights and weekends agonizing over budgetary concerns
  • Secure licences for all off-site locations and practice sites
  • Inventory of all athletic equipment, jerseys, practice and training aides must be accounted
  • Completed, finalized and input all seasonal schedules
  • Give all sports the exact amount of attention regardless of the season

And the list goes on.  For all you Friday Night Lights fans, this look a lot like what the Dillon Panthers Coach Taylor had to deal with  . . .only with more drama.

Getting back to the topic of inventory, it helps to work with a company that understands the demands placed on an Athletic Director; a company that makes their lives easier by working efficiently.

According to the Winning Streak sales team, here’s the type of quality and service they’ll provide:

  • present high quality team jerseys and sporting apparel
  • explain the process for screen printing and embroidery to ensure a timely, accurate order
  • available day or evening, via phone or email, to answer any questions
  • act as a “team store” to support your efforts by working in your area, on your terms and with your teams

Team up with a sales representative from Winning Streak now to make the school year ahead easy . . . at least when it comes to uniforms.  We can’t guarantee a winning season, but we can guarantee quality and satisfaction.

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