Winning Streak: Where Your Apparel is as Custom as our Service


There are thousands of printing companies – literally thousands!  Some factories focus on high volume; others may only specialize in specific types of apparel.  Other printers are great at getting business, but have to rely on outside vendors, from apparel-makers to designers, for each step of the process to fulfill an order.  A lot can go wrong at the “other” apparel companies, when they can’t guarantee the quality of the order because they don’t see it until the customer sees it.

At Winning Streak, we don’t work like that.  At Winning Streak, we like to work as a team.  Our factory floor is fashioned with modern technology to provide our customers with the highest quality screen printing and embroidery.  Just steps away from that state-of-the-art technology, is the sales office where our experienced representatives field your calls and emails to keep a close eye on your order.  And right up the stairs from the sales office, is where our in-house art designers work to bring your logo to life.  It may sound like we have long roster, but there are no bench players here; everyone has a specific job to work as a team to make sporting apparel, custom shirts and corporate items.

We like to think of our factory more as a team store . . . only we bring our products to you!  Many of our clients come to rely on the quality of our service, the affordability of our products and knowledge of our representatives to get the job done – on time and within budget.  If something goes wrong, you won’t even know it.  Every step of our workflow process is designed to ensure accuracy and communication.

We are large enough to work with substantial client orders, but small enough to offer personalized service.  The next time you’re ready to order team jerseys, custom t-shirts or corporate apparel, remember our mission:

“We are committed to reinventing ourselves daily to ensure we are provide quality products and services further exceeding our customer’s expectations.”

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