Winning Streak’s Tips for Ballpark Giveaways

Who doesn’t like getting something for free, right? Ballpark promotional giveaway days are no different. Think of some of the great prizes that get handed out at the turn styles of your favorite ballparks; hats, jerseys, t-shirts, bobble heads, statues, garden gnomes, replica trophies, and of course, replica rings. For fans of the latter, we have great news. Our June Giveaway prize is a pair of tickets to the July 16th Cardinals vs. Marlins game at Busch Stadium, and the first 30,000 fans ages 16 and over will receive a replica 2006 World Series ring. Here are a few tips for you ballpark giveaway fanatics.

Show Up Early

The first 30,000 fans sounds like a lot of people, and when you throw in that they have to be 16 or older, you may think you don’t need to show up early. However, you do. You really do. Cardinals games are always packed. Cardinals weekend games are usually close to maxed out. Seating capacity at Busch Stadium is around 43,000. A Saturday game with a quality giveaway is pretty much guaranteed to be packed to the brim. That’s 13,000 fans who won’t be getting a ring. Even when you factor in for a healthy portion of that 43,000 fans are kids, that’s still a little too close for comfort. Make sure you show up early and grab your ring. You don’t want to be that unfortunate soul who missed out and has to spend the game surrounded by people who got a ring. That’s just depressing.

Save the Box

You may not have any intention of selling your ring, and it’s easy to see why. They’re great to display, and they hold great sentimental value to any Cardinals fan. Still, perhaps you take your significant other and you decide you really only need one ring between you. Maybe you run out of space someday in the future and the ring is ticketed for eBay. If this happens, you’ll be glad you saved the box. Ballpark memorabilia is always significantly more valuable with the original box. The difference in price can be upwards of 50%.

Display Them Somewhere Prominent to Start Conversations

This one is mainly aimed at professionals, especially sales people. If you keep your bobble heads, or replica rings, or trophies displayed somewhere prominent, they serve as amazing conversation starters that can go a long way toward breaking the ice and making an award first meeting conformable and relaxed. You welcome a prospective buyer into your office, they see a 2006 World Series Replica Ring, and they ask you about it. The two of you reminisce about the team, the ring, how you won it from Winning Streak’s Facebook page, and boom, conversation started.


This is the biggest tip: just have fun with it. Enjoy the game, enjoy the prize, and enjoy the people you’re with.

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