Winning Streak’s Top 10 Right Fielders in Baseball 2016

Bryce Harper

We’ve covered the infield, now it’s time to take a look at Winning Streak’s top ten right fielders in MLB. Be sure to check out our previous lists:

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1. Bryce Harper

If this is a shocker to you, where have you been the last twelve months. Bryce Harper upped his game to super human levels in 2015, hitting .330 with 42 homers and a .460 OBP. He missed the triple crown by .003 points on his batting average. Harper seems primed to keep his spot for the next decade.

2. Giancarlo Stanton

Stanton is only number two for two reasons: injuries, and playing the same position as Harper. Last season, Stanton only played in 74 games…and yet he still hit 27 homers. Still just 26 with 181 career homers over six seasons.

3. Jose Bautista

Another year, another 40 homers off of Bautista’s map. He’s 35, so any day now Bautista could decline. For this year at least, he’s playing in an offensive ballpark with a potent bat. Watch sparks fly.

4. Jason Heyward

Heyward may be wearing the wrong uniform these days, and he isn’t the power bat he appeared to be early in his career, but he is an excellent all around hitter. He hits for average, hits for moderate power, he walks, he runs the bases well, and he’s an amazing defender.

5. J.D. Martinez

Over the last two years, J.D. Martinez has gone from touted prospect, to released, to All-Star. In 2015, Martinez swatted 38 homers as a follow up to a year with a .912 OPS.

6. Mookie Betts

In his first full season, Mookie Betts hit 18 homers with a .341 OBP and 21 stolen bases, all while playing excellent defense in center. All indications are that Betts will be playing right in 2016.

7. Kole Calhoun

He gets over shadowed playing in the same outfield as Mike Trout, but Kole Calhoun is an excellent player. He won his first Rawlings Gold Glove in 2015 and hit 26 homers.

8. George Springer

Springer played very well upon being called up in 2014, hitting 20 homers in 78 games. Last year, he was carrying the Astros’ offense before a wrist injury cut out a massive hunk of his season. If Springer can stay healthy, he’s a dangerous hitter.

9. Curtis Granderson

Injuries, a move to right, and a rough first season with the Mets have lowered Granderson’s profile over the last few years. The Grandy Man had a comeback year in 2015, hitting 26 homers with a .364 OBP for the NL champs.

10. Shin-Soo Choo

Another guy coming off a disappointing first contract year, Choo’s second season in Texas was much more like his early work, with 22 homers and a .276/.375/.463 batting line.

Well St. Louis fans, here’s hoping Stephen Piscotty cracks this list next year. With Jhonny Peralta out, the Cardinals need all the offense they can get.

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