Winning Streak’s Top Picks for Summer Stadiums


As a kid, there’s no better view of fireworks than from the bleacher seats.  Season tickets aside, going to your local ballpark is a favorite pastime of many American families.  But the summer isn’t only leisure time for school-aged kids, but for adult “kids” too.  The best part of growing up is being able to pick and pay for any summer vacation you want.  Get out, be adventurous and plan big this summer!

Check out Winning Streak’s picks for the top sports venues to visit this summer!

Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas    Once considered America’s team, this NFL team proves everything’s bigger in Texas.  In a coliseum-like stadium, it’s the largest in the world and features the second largest high definition video screen.  A visit in the off-season to take a tour and buy a team jersey will have you spending less than you would have for a beer and hot dog.

Yankee Stadium in New York, New York    Moving north brings us to a town so nice, they named it twice.  Originally constructed in 1923, the new Yankee Stadium is an historic reproduction, modernized to current MLB standards resulting in the most expensive baseball stadium ever built at $1.5 billion.  Tickets are available for most games, but don’t count on seeing them play the rival Red Sox any time soon.  Instead, take in the view from the cheap seats (if that’s possible) in a custom shirt to commemorate the day.

Wimbledon Centre Court outside London, England  To add a little international flair, grab your racket and a 12 hour flight across the pond. Wimbeldon Court is a buzz during the later part of June and early July; considering it’s mostly used for two weeks of the year, you’d have no problem taking a detailed tour throughout the charming facility.  While there, stop by the team store for a souvenir.

Estadio Azteca, Mexico  For a latin flair, visit a soccer stadium that was host to the “Game of the Century;”  the place in 1970, where Italy defeated West Germany 4-0 in the semifinals.  The scope of the stadium is as impressive as the soccer played inside.  It is the largest stadium in Latin America and the world’s largest soccer-only stadium.  Try not to get lost while exploring the sites in your green and white Adidas jersey.

Remember, when you get home, bring all that inspiration to one of our Winning Streak sales representative and design your next team uniform!

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