Won’t Someone Please Bring Back Dodgeball?


Seriously, can someone please bring back dodgeball. Now, we’re not talking about in schools. We’re certainly not weighing in on the debate of wether or not dodgeball is too violent for kids and/or a form of bulling in certain circumstances. Not only is that a hornet’s nest we don’t want to kick, we frankly are more concerned with ourselves. There are plenty of adults out there who loved dodgeball and miss it greatly in our lives.

Remember the four ‘D’s’ of dodgeball: Dodge, Dip, Dive, Duck, and Dodge.

Dodgeball is a thrilling game of teamwork, agility, survival, and dominance. It’s also as close to gladiator combat as one can get with the worst case scenario being a rubber ball to the face. Really, we challenge anyone to come up with something more satisfying than catching a thrown ball and bringing a teammate back into the game. Unlike baseball, where one can find a rec league in every town, or even football, where seven on seven can allow you to relive your favorite sport, finding other adults to play dodgeball with can be hard.

Won’t someone please bring back dodgeball?

Please, someone, bring back dodgeball for the grownups who want to grown down again. Give us that thrill again. Bring people together for the common love of wailing on the poor sap across from you with an epic throw. If you build it, they will come…

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