Workout T-Shirts: What Features to Look For

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Every single athlete in the world is a work in progress. Ask any of the greats and they’ll tell you they never stop trying to improve. Those who don’t fall off and they fail to make the most of their ability. To stagnate is to lose. Striving for more, strengthening virtues and shoring up weakness is the path to success. No athlete can afford to punt workouts, regardless of season.


To those who never stop improving, we have the workout t-shirts you need. Here are a few features to consider for your summer workout program’s shirts.

Moisture Wicking Properties

Moisture wicking fabric wicks away moisture (surpirse surprise) and keep athletes dry during a workout. While sweat has its purpose, nobody likes the wetness, the chafing, and above all, the smell. Usually made of a polyester bend, moisture wicking t-shirts are as comfortable as they are practical. We have many high-end moisture wicking options available. For more on moisture wicking fabric, click here.

Sleeveless T-Shirts

When running, weightlifting, or doing any other kind of hot summer workout, keeping dry is one thing, but having range of movement is another. The solution? Off with the sleeves! We have plenty of great sleeveless t-shirt options that will keep your athletes cool and moving freely.

Top Brands, Baby!

We have top national and international brands like adidas available. When you choose a brand like adidas, you’re getting a reputation cultivated over nearly a century of quality and reliability.

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