You Can’t Start A Winning Streak Without Cheers

Hillsboro Cheer Camp

…and you shouldn’t start a cheer without Winning Streak.

Cheerleaders are vital to high morale, an energized crowd, and strong school spirit. You know that. Cheerleaders are as amazingly athletic as the teams they rally behind, with breathtaking and risky aerial maneuvers and the like. You know that also. Cheerleading, like any other sport, requires specialized high performance gear. You know that as well. Winning Streak is the place to fill your cheerleading needs in the St. Louis area. You know that now.

The Hillsboro High School Cheer Camp (pictured above) chose Winning Streak for their gear. We partner with top national and international brands to bring our customers the top names in sports and the quality attached to those names. Hillsboro High went with one of the most trusted brands in the world; Adidas.

Cheer season will be starting up before you know it. Make sure you get your apparel situation sorted out now. If you end up in a bind and need your gear on a tight schedule, you can trust in our blazing fast turnaround to help you out of a bind. The same can be said for your camp. Put off getting t-shirts until the last minute? Shorts? Just give us a call at (888) 570-6194, email, or find your local sales representative. Our seasoned staff will help you get the ball rolling on your order.

The Hillsboro High picture comes courtesy of our Jefferson County/Southeast Missouri sales rep Marc Pauly. You can reach Marc by emailing

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